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One would think she would know that, with her boob implants, she no longer needs to do bust-building exercises (with the hand weights). "We must, we must, we must increase our bust...the bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, so the boys will lean on us!"

The Society for the Promotion of Reinstating Katie Marsh as Miss One-Day Garages

Upon further review, I'm wondering why Mandy always seems to have props? Dumbells, a picture of horsies -- hell, the only prop Katie Marsh ever needed was her fabulous rack. BRING BACK KATIE!


God, I stared at that first ad for a really long time -- not for the reason you'd think, but because I was reading "miss" as a verb. "Why is Mandy telling me to miss one day garages? Isn't she trying to sell me one day garages? Why would she want me to miss them? Unless she means 'miss' as in 'be nostalgic for'..."



If, like me, you were wondering what a Pole barn is, wonder no more, thanks to the miracle of Google Image Search.


In case any random travelers are unsure of whether to click Bob's link above, pole barns are completely SFW.


So, would the runner up be Miss Two-Day Garage?


Jackie -- the first runner-up is named Miss Half-Day Shed.

I'm going to lobby the fine folks at One Day Garages to see if I can be the honorary Mr. One Day Pole Barn.


Hey, Bob here -- Adam wanted to post something, so here goes....



Miss One Day Garages almost makes me want to move to Pittsburg to get closer to her, whichever one she is lately.


Thanks for the definition of Pole Barns, Bob. I was afraid it meant Katie and Mandy swinging around a pole (or riding some bucking stallion). Never mind.

By the way, I could not help myself and looked in the dictionary to confirm that dumbbell was misspelled. Two "b"'s. I only can shake my head...


She's having nice garages.. But I think she's asking too much cost for that ...isnt it? or its the big boosty image of her allows her ask so much... I just found a comfortable one for me at here.. http://shedco.com.au/sheds/garages.htm


You people are disgusting and rude...just because your ugly and cant be in an advertisement you try and pry on those young and innocent women that are acutally living their dream becoming a model while your what?....flipping burgers and bashing people who obviously have a better life than you...please grow up or im telling McDonalds to fire your ass!


Hey look! Mandy's brother stopped by.


Oh no! Mandy's been replaced! Today's Post Gazette sports section has an add featuring NATASHA. We'll never forget you, Mandy. Long live Natasha!


Dang, I missed the pageant once again! We'll miss you, Mandy....

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